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Welcome to Shai-Osudoku District Hospital

Our Mission is to provide quality health care services responsive to the needs of all manner of people living in the district and its environs

Established in 1970 as a health post by the people of Shai (Se) and handed over to the Ministry of Health, the hospital advanced to a Health Centre in 1985 and finally to a district hospital in mid-2009. The hospital is situated in Dodowa, the capital of the Shai-Osudoku District. It currently has a capacity of 244 beds with fourteen (14) wards and two(2) operating theatres.


The innovative design of the hospital is aimed at providing a therapeutic environment to aid patient recovery while providing value for money by delivering hospitals that require minimal maintenance, have a low energy footprint, and have the capacity for future expansion. The hospital is equipped with 21st Century equipment and facilities.

Hospital Departments

The Backbone of Shai-Osudoku District Hospital

Dr. Baffour Awuah

Post Natal

Dr. Alexader Adjei


The Hospital has 12 specialized departments, which are providing highly specialized procedures and treatments, especially in the following areas: Hypertension, Diabetic, Ultrasound Care, ENT Care, Dental, ART, Family Planning, Community Psychiatry, Eye, Theatre, Maternity, ANC, Physiotherapy. The Hospital also has an administration that plays a vital role in the performance of the hospital.

Clinical Services

At SOD Hospital, we provide care regardless of the nature and urgency of your healthcare needs.

Surgical Operations

Investigation and Management of High Blood Pressure

Safe Birth control

We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in every service we offer. We accept most medical insurance.

24/7 Working Hours

Monday - Sunday
The hospital runs a 24 hours shift. The emergency Clinic provides 24-hour service offering care to all ADULT Emergency cases majority of whom are medical and surgical related emergencies.

Why Choose Us ?

Earmarked by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a benchmark for health care in Africa.

the Hospital has recorded zero maternal mortality in the last 5-years under the leadership of Dr. Kennedy Brightson

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